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  • How far out can I schedule my appointment?
    Appointments can be booked up to two months out.
  • Can I schedule a same day appo
    Yes however please confirm the appointment by email,DM or text. Unless confirmed the appointment is not valid.
  • Is hair included with my style?
    Yes! Hair colors 1-4 are provided with each braid style. If you have or want a specific hair color you may supply your own.
  • Can I bring my own hair?
    Yes! Any prestretched hair will do.
  • Should my hair be washed prior to my appointment? Is it okay if I put my own products in it before my appointment?
    Yes! Please have your hair washed and blown out prior to arriving to your appointment. We would prefer you arrive with nothing in your hair however if you are going to apply your own products please take it easy.
  • What is the youngest age you will provide a service for?
    The youngest age would be 8 years old. Kids who are younger tend to cry and move around more.
  • Do you offer One on One and Group training classes.
    Yes! One on One classes are available every Sunday and class dates are posted to the site every 3-6 months. Be on the lookout.
  • Is pricing different for kids?
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